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Swallow Coffee Table

A Barn Swallow dips for flies on the river one Summer's day. Here is my expression of the sense of fleeting lightness; my interpretation of this moment as a carver.

The Swallow scoops along the water leaving her full latin name as trail in the tabletop: 'Animalia Chordata Aves Passeriformes Hirundinidae Hirundo Rustica'. Quite a lot for a little bird!

The name is incised into the tabletop starting with 1/4in. 6mm. under the Swallow's beak. Each letter then incrementaly increases in size to 3in. 150mm. at the far end of the wood where the bird began her run.

The Swallow is held precicely in place by a hidden magnet. The table top floats above the ground on a steel frame, increasing the sense of lightness. A polyurthane varnish finish to the tabletop gives the surface fittingly water-like look and protects it in its role of coffee table.

Material: Swallow: Yew. Table top: Walnut. Subframe: steel. Magnet inserts.

Dimensions: Swallow: lifesize. Table 76in x 15in. 1930 x 330mm. Floor to table top: 14in. 355mm.

Price: £2400 

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