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Woodcarving Teaching

Woodcarving Teaching

Personal Woodcarving Instruction:

Because of the launch of Woodcarving, other work and family commitments, Chris can only offer limited opportunities for direct 1-to-1 instruction in the forseeable future.
Woodcarving Workshops is the closest thing you can get to sharing a bench with Chris Pye, and some say it's even better than the real thing: it cuts to the chase, you can get him to repeat the lesson over and over, and you can be taught 24/7. The downside is that you don't get a cup of tea!

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Woodcarving Instruction 2016
The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, Rockport, Maine 04856.


  • 12-16 September 2016: Ornamental Carving
    In this introductory course, Chris teaches traditional techniques for enriching furniture and interior architecture with carved details. Starting with clear exercises in sharpening and handling carving tools, students learn how to make smooth, precise, flowing cuts; how to work with regard to the grain, and how to leave work straight from the chisel. Elementary designs build into a range of incised ornamentation such as simple waterleaf moldings, bell flower drops, and classic leaf and flower designs.
  • 19-23 September 2016: Next Steps in Carving

    If you are an experienced carver who wants to expand your technical and creative skills, this course is for you. All types of carving are welcome, including relief carving, carving-in-the-round, and lettering. Participants may embark upon new projects, bring work in progress, or choose to follow a series of exercises.

    Through extensive personal supervision, demonstrations, shared class 'problems,' and individual exercises, Chris helps students deepen their understanding of woodcarving. In addition to the technical requirements of carving, instruction emphasizes the crucial aspect of woodcarving design: how to make carvings 'work' visually and aesthetically.Participants discuss their projects with Chris in advance to be sure that they come with designs appropriate to the scope of the course and their skill levels, as well as the right tools and materials.